VR Training Development Platform

Learn How Others Are Leveraging VE Studio

VR Training Development Platform

Learn How Others Are Leveraging VE Studio

VR Training Development Platform

Learn How Others Are Leveraging VE Studio

VE Studio is more than just a virtual training development platform. It is a content management tool that lowers training development project costs while improving operational efficiency for other marketing and operational uses such as Product Lifecycle Management. Users can build scalable training applications with elements designed to create, execute and monitor interactive training scenarios.


  • Improve training and operational efficiency
  • Evaluate and track student progress
  • Lower training costs
  • Improve equipment uptime
  • Create new sales & marketing tools

Creating a New Business Model


Global Gas Turbines
Virtual Maintenance Training

Siemens Power Generation Services selects virtual training solutions developed with VE Studio by DiSTI for its global gas turbine business.

 Fuerza Aérea de Chile (FACH)
 Bell 412
 Virtual Maintenance Trainer

The Chilean Air Force used VE Studio to develop an end-to-end virtual maintenance training solution for their fleet of Bell 412 helicopters.

Virtual Trainers


 AAI Services
 F-35 Lightning II Fighter
 Aircraft Systems Maintenance Trainer

With three U.S. variants plus ten international customers, VE Studio was the clear choice for AAI Services in the development of the virtual environment for the F-35 Lightning II fighter.

 Virtual Training Program

VE Studio was used to develop a virtual training program to fulfill the requirements of an international customer operating the F-16C Block 52 aircraft.

 U.S. Navy
 Landing Craft Air Cushioned Vehicle
 Advanced Training Courseware

The U.S. Navy’s high-speed Landing Craft Air Cushioned Vehicle (LCAC) uses UNITECH developed maintainer courseware embedded with VE Studio’s advanced 3D training environment.

 RRC Robotica Submarina
 Remotely Operated Vehicles
 Submersible Training

Deep water exploration is an unforgiving environment. See how RRC Robotica Submarina uses VE Studio developed 3D virtual training to fight skill decay as personnel transition to site.

 Oshkosh Corporation
 Heavy Equipment Medium Tactical…
 Virtual Task Trainer

Oshkosh Corporation turned to VE Studio to replace 300 PowerPoint slides of training material with a single 3D virtual training application that saved class time and improved retention.

 Virtual Maintenance Trainer

The EC-145 Virtual Maintenance Trainer (VMT), derived from the U.S. Army variant, offers technicians an immersive, engaging, and comprehensive training solution.

 Army National Guard
 UH-72A Lakota
 Virtual Maintenance Trainer

The Western Army National Guard Aviation Training Site used VE Studio on a first-of-its-kind Virtual Maintenance Trainer (VMT) for the UH-72A Light Helicopter Repairer Course.

 Boeing Defense, Space & Security
 F/A-18 Super Hornet
 Integrated Virtual Environment

Boeing uses a VE Studio-supplied 3D virtual environment in their first-class training solution delivered to the U.S. Navy and the Royal Australian Air Force.

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