The Best Virtual Maintenance Training Development Platform

Accelerate and Simplify The Creation of Immersive Training

Powerful Design Made Simple

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Powerful Design Made Simple

Accelerate and Simplify The Creation of Immersive Training

VE Studio

Enterprise-class Maintenance Training Development

VE Studio is the world’s most proven development platform for creating 3D virtual training solutions. It is used to create complex and immersive commercial and military training applications around the globe. Over fifteen years of our experience and patented processes are integrated into VE Studio’s features enabling you to rapidly prototype and scale your training across an enterprise quickly and cost-effectively.

  • A Commercially Available, End-to-End Virtual Training Development Platform
  • Globally Proven to Lower Lifetime Training Program Costs
  • Unmatched Flexibility to Simultaneously Publish to Desktop, AR/VR and Mobile Devices

Key Benefits

VE Studio has been repeatedly shown to lower customer training program development and sustainment costs over the life of a program or training course.

Platform Design & Scalability

  • Tools to build complex training applications
  • Minimize developer costs & shorten development cycles
  • Data-driven architecture ensures scalability
  • Leverage content for training, sales, marketing, services

Easily Build, Deploy & Republish Features

  • Tools and custom Unity 3D behaviors
  • Model import & project build wizards
  • Object traceability simplifies changes
  • Quick deployment across all devices

The data-driven architecture, proven workflows, and integrated tools combine to make the development process easier to use by non-Unity developers and flexible enough to publish the content to multiple devices without having to hand-code the application. Learn how VE Studio helps these vital roles in training development.

See how people are using VE Studio

Aerospace & Defense

VE Studio has been used to develop virtual maintenance training applications deployed globally for programs such as the F-35, F-18, F-15, F-16, Abrams, Stryker, Oshkosh platforms and LCAC.

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Energy & Power

VE Studio is the training development platform in use by Siemens for its operator & maintainer desktop and VR training for gas turbines, HVAC systems, and immersive VR-based safety training.

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Industry giants from Asia to Scandinavia are developing cutting-edge desktop and virtual reality training and assessment programs to improve technical proficiency for their technicians around the globe.

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